Something New But A bit Different

Wireless Network With Laser Beams on the

A new product called Beamcaster distributes beams of light to create wireless networks, providing an alternative or supplement to Wi-Fi and eliminating much of the cabling used to connect office worke

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Wireless Network With Laser Beams on the Ceiling

The Origins of Hydraulics Engineering

What is hydraulics engineering? Hydraulics comes from the combination of two Greek words: Hydra and Aulos. Hydra means water while Aulos refers to pipes. Put them together and we’ll get “water in

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The Origins of Hydraulics Engineering

2012 Suzuki 4444 Boulevard M109RZ

The 2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ has made its presence felt in Australian showrooms and is definitely a sight to behold. Its body is painted a cool metallic shade of blue with a white stripe at the c

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2012 Suzuki 4444 Boulevard M109RZ

Lithium Batteries: Solar Energy Storage

Nowadays, going green is the way to go. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using wind and solar power. Why wouldn’t they? Sure, it would seem expensive at first glance, but you’ll eve

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Lithium Batteries: Solar Energy Storage of the Future?

Something New But A bit Different

by on May 12, 2013 at 11:15 pm

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Wireless Network With Laser Beams on the Ceiling

by on May 10, 2013 at 3:00 am

A new product called Beamcaster distributes beams of light to create wireless networks, providing an alternative or supplement to Wi-Fi and eliminating much of the cabling used to connect office workers to the Internet and corporate networks.


RiT Wireless, the makers of Beamcaster, demonstrated the technology this week at the Interop networking conference in Las Vegas. A Beamcaster “optical distribution unit” is mounted on a ceiling, distributing invisible beams of light to eight “smart outlets.” (You might call them “frickin’ laser beams.”) In a typical setup, the smart outlets could be placed on top of a cubicle wall and hook up to PCs via Ethernet, giving workers’ access to the Internet and corporate networks. Connecting those smart outlets to standard switches would increase the number of PCs each smart outlet could connect to.

This setup reveals an obvious limitation—smartphones and tablets typically don’t have Ethernet ports. However, a Beamcaster smart outlet can connect to a Wi-Fi router, distributing the signal to Wi-Fi-capable devices. Future versions of the smart outlet will have 802.11ac Wi-Fi built in, RiT Wireless CTO Erez Ben Eshay told me at the Beamcaster booth yesterday.

Beamcaster will be available in a few months, starting at $7,000 for the optical distribution unit and eight smart outlets. Ben Eshay acknowledges that it costs more than Wi-Fi access points, but he says it’s cheaper than buying a switch and cabling infrastructure. The $7,000 unit provides 1Gbps of bandwidth, Ben Eshay said, but he prefers to think of it as 2Gbps because “it’s a true bidirectional link at the same time.” A unit costing $8,000 will provide a 10Gbps network (presumably 5Gbps each way).

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The Origins of Hydraulics Engineering

by on October 12, 2012 at 4:06 am

What is hydraulics engineering? Hydraulics comes from the combination of two Greek words: Hydra and Aulos. Hydra means water while Aulos refers to pipes. Put them together and we’ll get “water in pipes.” True to its Greek origins, hydraulics engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the study of passage of liquids like sewage and water. Moreover, hydraulics engineering is related to the construction of canals, bridges, dams, and other structures that are related to the transport, storage, measurement, or use of water. It is therefore an important aspect of our daily lives.

Hydraulics Engineering

However, how did hydraulics start in the first place? Thanks to James Watt’s invention of the steam engine, several steps were undertaken to ensure that the flow of power from one point to the other was carried out. And through various studies, it was determined that fluids under water can be used to transport power.

This is where hydraulic accumulators come in. An accumulator is where fluids are held under pressure by an external pressure like compressed gas, springs, or a raised weight. Ideally, accumulators using charged gas are used in most hydraulic systems.

Regardless of the type of accumulator used, this important element of civil engineering protects the system—especially the pipes—from massive damages. How is this possible? Accumulators can hold pressure in the system even if there are some leaks. The size of the accumulator makes it possible to absorb the fluid.

Despite the complexities of hydraulics engineering, it is believed that it has been around for ages. Records show that Chinese and Egyptians of long ago were able to build various dams and canals for the proper storage and transportation of water. Needless to say, some of these prehistoric structures were successfully built, while the rest needed some improvements.

And that’s just what hydraulic companies of today have been studiously doing. They are able to study this field of engineering and are able to come up with new systems and tools to make life easier. They continue to make the necessary adjustments to existing products, making them sturdier and more eco-friendly, without compromising the price at which the public can avail of them.

Visit Hydac Hydraulics website for any related product information

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2012 Suzuki 4444 Boulevard M109RZ

by on August 13, 2012 at 11:57 pm

The 2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ has made its presence felt in Australian showrooms and is definitely a sight to behold. Its body is painted a cool metallic shade of blue with a white stripe at the centre; with this body paint combined with the smooth curves and lines, this muscle cruiser is just screaming sexy schmexy. However, the good stuff doesn’t end with the Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ’s aesthetics. There’s more to this cruiser than meets the eye.

2012 Suzuki Boulevard M109RZ

The M109RZ’s fuel tank can be filled up to 19-litres, which is perfect for going places. Also, Suzuki’s latest Boulevard M109RZ carries the biggest and most powerful engine pistons (109 cubic inch) as of late. It also boasts of having the widest rear tyre (240mm) installed. This upgrade in engine pistons and tyres give riders the assurance of smooth powerful rides every time they hop on their 2012 M109RZ. You can even swap the solo seat with the included passenger seat if you’re expecting some company.

You might think this to be a monster of a machine and you are right to do so. Expect powerful forward thrusts, excellent tight turn performance, and superior braking system from this baby. You can also gauge how easy to ride the Boulevard M109RZ is. Try doing figure 8s without your feet on deck and you’ll see what we mean. Other features of the Suzuki M109RZ include LED indicator lamps, fuel gauge, LCD odomenter, and analogue speedometer. It even has a clock to remind you if you’re late for your date.

Truth be told, I am a motorbike enthusiast. And I must say that the Suzuki M109RZ is a pretty tempting buy. It is priced at $19,490. I wonder what the wife will say though. Anyway, I would also like to share that I go to S3 Performance to buy my favourite Kevlar jeans and motorcycle accessories. They’ve got great affordable products in there and the quality is worth mentioning, too!

For more information ,  Visit S3 performance motorcycle accessories 

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Lithium Batteries: Solar Energy Storage of the Future?

by on March 27, 2012 at 10:45 pm

Nowadays, going green is the way to go. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using wind and solar power. Why wouldn’t they? Sure, it would seem expensive at first glance, but you’ll eventually discover that solar and wind power will definitely lower your bills. However, what can you do when the sun isn’t around and when the winds are nowhere to be found?

The wonders of Solar Power

Batteries are the answer. In order to make full use of solar and wind power, it is important to have an efficient energy storage system. Incidentally, research shows that lithium batteries will be quite useful in storing either solar power. Moreover, the study, which was done by researchers from REAPSystems and the University of Southampton, states that using lithium batteries is the best option compared to using lead acid batteries.

During the test, researchers used LiFePO4 battery and management system from REAPsystems and connected it to the one of the University of Southampton’s photovoltaic systems. It was discovered that lithium batteries have 95% energy efficiency compared to 80% efficiency in lead acid batteries. Moreover it is important to note that lithium batteries are lighter and even feature a better longevity span. This means that lead acid batteries need to be replaced more often than lithium batteries. Hence, you can save more by using lithium batteries.

As of the moment, more studies need to be conducted before lithium batteries can be officially used for solar powered systems. However, researchers are enthusiastic and believe that lithium batteries will pass the 110 tests that they will be conducting. Australian companies such A1 Battery Pro specialise in solar panels for your home and are known to be one of the first companies on Australian soil to use such advanced techniques

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Mitsubishi Concept-RA

by on February 13, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Mitsubishi’s Concept car of the future

The Mitsubishi Concept-RA roars with its high revs and aggressive exteriors. This monster concept car was released by Mitsubishi in year 2008 at the Detroit auto show. What made the Concept-RA stand out was the high tech developments made by Mitsubishi and the sleek lines and curves that hide the all torque-y high performance engine inside.

The car is currently going through the final phases and will soon hit production stage.

Following a long line of sporty concept coupes developed by Mitsubishi from way back 1972, the Concept-RA did not fail to deliver the brand’s signature genius in the concept car division. Using a high revving 200 hp engine and the brand’s signature Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control or MIVEC, the RA produces aggressive power with delicate and smooth handling that you won’t usually get from street legal sports cars. The MIVEC ensures smoother valve control by applying variable crisp valve timing controls.

Though the concept car’s engine may seem too much for a road car to handle, the Concept-RA uses the “next generation” Super All Wheel Control or S-AWC that offers complete driver control with smoother handling, driving stability and flexibility. This means that the Concept-RA’s highly responsive engine systems 12324 actually responds to the driver’s commands flawlessly and intuitively. Also, it requires minimum effort on the side of the driver. Responsive driving controls and high revving engine systems combine to produce burnout speeds and clean tyre to road traction so city driving and emergency situations are easily achievable.


Also, the low emission 2.6 liter clean diesel is turbo charged to the point of race car quality and yet still passes strict U.S. emission standards (Tier 2 Bin 5 emission regulations.) Part of this, fenders and parts of the main body of the Concept-RA is made from ‘green’ plastic resin. This highly recyclable plastic mold resin provides an environmentally sound alternative to traditional plastic resins used in car body parts. Looks like Mitsubishi hit two points for car production genius and environmentally sound production. The Concept-RA indeed proves high performance vehicles can leave less impact on the environment in both production and use.

Another highlight of the Concept-RA is the extensive use of lightweight materials in construction that ensure improved car performance, safety and fuel economy. The turbo charged clean diesel engine also saves on fuel when paired up with the brand’s Twin Clutch-SST gearbox. This high torque combination also delivers on the fuel economy side even in high speeds.

High performance tech, high speed engine, fuel saving design and greener car alternatives make the Concept-RA an easy crowd favourite for car fanatics and critics alike. The long line of Mitsubishi lead concept cars appear to have a new addition to the legacy. The Concept-RA looks like a glimpse into the Mitsubishi car empire, looking similar to the Eclipse line and is probably the greener future for the brand and the line itself. But one thing’s for sure, whether it is for show or for road use, the Concept-RA ushered in new insights on what car manufacturers have for the car world and its fans. The Conecpt-RA’s fast paced driving mechanics may change more tyres but consume less gas with its environmentally sound fuel saving technology.

For more information on the RA car tyres visit Beaurepaires.com

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Vivid Pictures from Canon IP100 Portable Printer

by on January 20, 2012 at 2:12 am

Canon IP100 Portable Printer is one of the portable printers that Canon has successfully launched. It seems like Canon’s been working on several improvements not only for their cameras, but for their portable printers as well.


With the Canon IP100 Portable Printer, ink nozzles have been increased. Not only that, it now comes with 4,800×1,200 dpi color resolution; Having said that, image quality and print speed have seen new more improved results for this Canon portable printer. Printer cartridges are available from a number of retailers in Australia, including cartridgesdirect.com.au

The Canon IP100 Portable Printer now stands at 2.4 in x 12.7 in x 7.2 in (L x W x H). This may sound like it’s a bit bigger than the previous model, but it doesn’t cause too much of a problem. It’s even heavier than the previous Canon portable printer, but it still does its job very well. Also, this is still very portable despite the small increase in size. However, it would have been better if it came with a carrying pouch.

The Canon IP100 Portable Printer looks sleek. It was given a silver matte finish with some glossy panels at the sides. It also sports a paper tray that you can extend from out of the printer. Unfortunately, it does not have a Wi-Fi port, so you might want to consider other Wi-Fi-capable portable printers if that is what you are after.

Overall, the Canon IP100 Portable Printer is not a cheap printer. For its price, you can get better deals from other more affordable printers. However, the print resolution more than makes up for the price. Try it for yourself and see just how clear and vivid the pictures come out of this Canon portable printer. Moreover, you can get your prints in no time, thanks to the improvements Canon made for this model. Just note, however, that you need to throw in a couple of extra dollars if you would like to make use of Bluetooth features. Also, it being a no Wi-Fi capable printer could present to be a problem. Hence, make sure what you need for a portable printer before grabbing the next Canon IP100 Portable Printer near you.

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ASUS Transformer Prime: The Best Android Tablet to Date?

by on January 20, 2012 at 2:10 am

The ASUS Transformer Prime is one of the best tablets I have had my hands on. Why do I say that? It only happens to be the first tablet in the world to sport a 4-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor! How neat is that? Aside from that, it’s also got a dozen GPU cores and runs Google’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS at blistering pace.


You might think this is a bulky monster of a machine, but that’s where your thoughts are wrong. I couldn’t imagine how thin it was at .33inches. It’s even thinner than the iPad 2.

Moving on, the screen specifications have also been improved. It now makes use of Super IPS + display plus the Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Now what does this all mean? Asus improved on the brightness of the screen by 600 units. However, the brightness is not an issue when using the ASUS Transformer Prime outdoors. It also means that you can dump this android tablet into your bag without fear of having the screen scratched from whatever sharp objects that might be laying near the tablet. However, I advise you to not be so careless about this situation. Too much of anything could be dangerous.


Another feature I find worth mentioning is that the ASUS Transformer Prime has an 8mp camera. It’s also got LED flash as well as focus. I believe not all tablets carry this feature, right? More on the camera features, it also boasts of f2.4 aperture. Now this means it’s smaller than the standard f2.8. And if you’re not familiar with apertures, this means that the smaller the aperture, it means that you can get more light even if you’re in extra dark areas.

As for the rest of the ASUS Transformer Prime, everything looks excellent. The finish is just marvelous. Holding this android tablet in your hands will make you feel like you are holding a really expensive piece of gadget.

However, not everything’s good news about the ASUS Transformer Prime. It could be a little on the heavy side. So you have to watch out when leaving your tablet on the sides of the table. Otherwise, you might see your ASUS Transformer Prime land on the floor in slow motion.

As for the battery life, it lasts 10 hours on moderate use. Add the mobile dock in the equation and you can add an extra 6 hours to that. Pretty awesome, huh?

In conclusion, I’d say the ASUS Transformer Prime will be a good purchase. It’s got great looks, outstanding 8mp camera, and the performance is commendable, too. What else can you look for in an android tablet?

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Pentax K-r 18-55mm Digital SLR Camera White: Perfect DSLR for Novices

by on February 20, 2011 at 2:13 am


Newbies to SLR cameras will have some fun with the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera. With a compact body, excellent LCD screen, and auto-focus systems, you will not regret purchasing this SLR camera.

Boasting a 12.4mp camera, you will surely take some great photos with the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera. Not only that, it comes equipped with a really fast continuous shoot rate of 6fps. It also comes with transfer option via infrared. Moreover, it has the widest ISO among its family—it’s got 100-25600. Those are huge numbers and I tell you they make a pretty good difference.

Despite the seemingly complicated features: anti-dust mechanism, dynamic-range expansion, built-in shake reduction, in-camera High Dynamic Range, digital filters and a full range of automatic and manual shooting modes, 720p HD movies high; the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera is darn easy to use.

With its budget price, this camera does not feel or look cheap. It actually feels durable and pretty sturdy in the hands. Even the memory card slot feels like it can withstand the test of time.

Another great feature of this Pentax DSLR is aptly named the Dust Alert. With this feature, you are shown just where dust particles have settled on the image sensor. You may also make use of Dust Removal which you could activate when you turn on the DSLR. There’s also the Sensor Cleaner which lifts the mirror and cleans the sensor. Pretty helpful, I say.

However, please be reminded that the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera white also has its down side. For one thing, it does not come equipped with weather-proofing. Also, it makes a loud shutter release noise, which users could either like or dislike.

Another thing we noticed about the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera white is that it doesn’t take long to turn on or off. Reaction time’s commendable; the same thing can be said of the shutter delay (or the absence thereof).

In conclusion, this is a budget DSRL for novices. It offers advanced features, has a compact body, and takes tight photos. We say, it wouldn’t hurt to buy the Pentax K-r 18-55mm digital SLR camera white if you really want a DSLR.

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